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Personal Training

Personal Training:

One-on-One or Two-on-One fitness training program.  The program consists of different specialties that focus on desired goals. You will be trained and educated to workout with free weights, strength machines, cardio equipment and much more. This is a 60 minute private session instructed by an elite certified fitness trainer.

Customized Plans:

We believe each person has different needs and goals; therefore our health and fitness plans are always customized to the individual.   Each person begins their program with a consultation and health/fitness evaluation.  Your assessment allows us to develop a plan designed exclusively for you.

Measurements & Full Body Assessment

The measurements and body fat testing process will take place during your evaluation and be tracked throughout your program.   Measurements allow us to identify your starting inches, set goals, and monitor your progress.

This is a 75 minute Full body assessment that identifies muscle imbalance, gait patterns, motor skills, strength deficiencies and much more.  Learn and understand this program based upon an athletic trainers stand point.

30 DAY CHALLENGE (One-on-One Training)

In this 30 day challenge you will learn, discover, and adapt to certain skills that will aid in a healthier life-style. Over the course of the program, you will encounter ups and downs by challenging yourself to create a better YOU.

You will learn the challenges that arise when Exercise and Healthy Eating become part of your daily routine.  Our team will help educate you on your physical and mental performance and how nutrition can effect you.  You will learn how to create and adapt to a simple, yet realistic.

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