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The Winning Story


How has getting FIT at TFS changed your life in a positive way?

I never knew that seeing a PR story about training for a triathlon would change my life. After seeing a story about training for the IronGirl triathlon, I picked up the phone and made the decision to at least go to the meeting to find out more information at TFS. I signed up for the training and finished my 2nd sprint triathlon, but going into it much more prepared than my first triathlon. I stayed in contact with Stephanie and referred my friends Rochelle and Michelle to sign up and train for a triathlon with TFS. I later saw Mike and Stephanie at a packet pick-up for Labor of Love that I was volunteering at and talked to them about a co-worker who was training for a fitness competition and getting really lean and toned. I wanted to tone up and get some personal training to help me with my marathon training. In December 2012, TFS had a special on PT. I messaged Stephanie and told her that I was interested.

I started training in January with Mike and Stephanie about 2 – 3 times a week. I noticed I was getting stronger and was able to lift more weight. I continued to see my body changing in ways I never saw with Boot Camp, Body Pump, Box Aerobics, Step, Pilates, etc. I saw improvements in my running. I had PR’s in my half-marathons and a full marathon where, due to injury, I only got up to 15 miles on my longest run. The full marathon was on June 1, 2013. When I got home from my marathon trip, I started researching “clean eating.” I thought I was eating “healthy” and working out, but it wasn’t until I changed what I was actually consuming that I started to really lean up. I had more energy. I was getting even stronger. I felt better. I recently just completed my first International distance triathlon. I thought I would end up finishing around 3:40 – 3:50. But, I felt great that day and completed it in 3:12:13!

Since January, I have dropped 2 sizes, continued to eat clean, stopped drinking alcohol on a regular basis, run faster, improved core strength, see definition in my body, cook and bake delicious “real” food, and continue to surprise myself with each race. I have also encouraged others to improve their health and will continue to be a positive inspiration for many of my friends, co-workers and colleagues. I am forever grateful to Mike and Stephanie for encouraging me to be better in all areas of my life.